Adapting the nature of your space

Nature Of The Space – Zoning your home 

As a spatial interior designer, reconfiguring spaces to maximise the use of space fit for purpose, is one of the important steps I consider before any interior décor/refurbishment plans are put forward. It brings structure and purpose into the space within our homes and creates an environment that enhances wellbeing.

During lockdown, our households have had to work at full capacity placing increased demands in our interior spaces – home school, workplace, gym and of course a sanctuary to relax with the family, not forgetting a little bit of “me time”.

Failing this, we are left feeling trapped, displaced, claustrophobic and unorganised. Reconfiguring our special layout will reduce a lot of stress and anxiety thereby keeping our hearts and high blood pressure rates in check! In other words, keeping us calm. Unfortunately, you can’t add a loft or home extension or remove interior walls at the moment but you can stand back, look at your space and make a few simple changes.

Here are a few simple ideas to  create spaces that can promote a stress free environment within the home and can keep the whole family calm and happy during these uncertain times.

Space for kids and work areas

  • First and foremost, get rid of unwanted clutter and unused furniture (place this in storage or lofts) to clear your mind and to open up much needed space.
  • Divide a living room by grouping seating closer together and placing a table and chairs on one end that can serve as a kids learning area or your office space.  Have baskets/boxes with crafts and learning materials to easily change over from one activity to the next and to pack up easily at the end of work/play  sessions, ready for the next day. This will psychologically help you to  switch off from a working area to a relaxing living room area at the end of the day.
  • Use the dining room (if your home is not open plan) to be the kids ‘centre’ for learning/play or use this as your designated office space. Make it fun for the kids by hanging up their artwork, colourful boxes to store their materials, extra shelves for books etc. 
  • Make your ‘office space’ inspiring by hanging/displaying artwork, playing music in the background and adding a vase of flowers or a pot plant. It certainly lifts the mood. 
  • Place a table and chair on the landing creating an office nook or in a corner in your living room that can be partitioned off with hanging fabric or a room divider. Accessorize this with a vase of flowers or cuttings from garden foliage/pot plant and add a brightly coloured seat cushion. Colour is uplifting.
  • Use an empty guest room or spare room for your work place, a teenage den or playroom. Add a couple of beanbags, keep all the board games, pool table and their musical instruments making it a comfy den. Add some fairy lights, LED lights and create a cool atmosphere that young kids  and teens will enjoy hanging out in.  
  • An unused shed in the garden could double up as an office or a den for your teenagers or a gym. With a fresh lick of paint and a good declutter you could easily create another usable room. 
  • Move the living room furniture against a wall to create spaces for play or exercise, particularly if you do not have a garden.
  • Make one of the bedrooms a play area by creating tents with sheets in corners or under the bed. Make a hammock or a swing using bedsheets and tie them onto bedposts. Kids love this idea of mystery! Let your imagination go wild working with what you have!
  • Create a reading nook under a tent with a lamp in their bedrooms with large cushions/beanbags for them to enjoy some time out and giving you that much needed break. 

Space for time on our own

The bedroom and bathroom are your go to spaces for relaxation and to unwind. Your bedroom does not have to be only for sleep but a reading area, space to listen to your favourite music or for meditation and this goes for your bathroom too. 

  • Make your bed up everyday as it keeps your room fresh and tidy, a pleasure to relax in.
  • Why not take a sofa chair or dining chair draped with a woolly throw add a cushion and place it in a corner of your room and you have a nice reading nook, space to listen to music,  your favourite podcast before you go off to bed. Make your bedroom work for you.

Move bedside tables, or push your bed against a wall and create a space to meditate, relax  or for exercise. 

  • Add candles, relaxing incense, foliage in your bathroom to create a spa like feel. 
  • Be creative with your bathroom space, add a comfy duvet and a few cushions in the bath and why not relax in it with your favourite novel away from the busy household. 

With a bit of imagination you can easily adapt your spaces without spending a penny and keeping all the family calm and happy. 

If you would like some help with creating a beautiful, tranquil and sustainable home – get in touch with me today!

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